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Be more Bear (Grylls)

Recently we have been delivering Woodland Classroom courses and Leading and Surviving in the wild. 

Learning outside the classroom provides positive results in learners, gaining a higher retention of skills and information which develops increased levels of concentration.


Woodland sessions

In our woodland sessions, pupil put pulleys, jammers and ropes into action.

They gained an understanding of Newton forces in their design of a rope bridge.

Elsewhere, we prepared groups for an expedition into the wilds, using a survival skills workshop Bear Grylls-style!

Leading and Surviving in the wild

It's one thing to survive, very much another to survive and lead others.

In our Bear Grylls survival skills workshop we helped the young people research and discuss possible risks before trekking into a wilderness environment.

This process helped raise awareness of risk and develop skills and actions that serve to prevent and manage those factors when out on expedition.  

We have also used the workshops to highlight our environmental impact, which teach young people about sustainability.

More about the project and our approach

These courses serve to increase changes in life and making the most of opportunities for young people through gaining qualification and awards.

These contribute to their access into further training or employment.

For us nothing is more important: the transformation of an individual’s belief about themselves and our capacity to choose differently, to choose life.

A core value of Loaded is in serving to develop character and we see the environment a person dwells in as a key factor in our healthy development.

Did you know?

Loaded UK is a LOTC Quality holder (certificate #R2QB104139)

This national award combines the essential elements of provision – learning and safety – into one easily recognisable and trusted accreditation scheme for all types of learning outside the classroom provider organisation.

Find out more about our accreditations here →

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