I know what I want to do now

Year 11 student launched into new career

Interview with Cameron Brown year 11 student from Cefn Hengoed

I know what I want to do... I want to join the police force.
— Cameron Brown, year 11 student

After six months of being on one of our Youth leadership courses Cameron now begins his first steps to fulfilling his ambition to become a police officer.

This coming September Cameron starts his BTEC in Public services at local Swansea College.

Here Cameron talks about the experience with LoadedUK over the last 6 months and how he sees this experience as being an integral part in his journey to becoming a Police Officer.

Cameron thanks for talking to us about your experience on our leadership course involving completing a Duke of Edinburgh Award.

How has LoadedUK helped you this year?

I guess I’m lucky in some ways as I know exactly what I want to become! This experience has definitely helped me gain a place at college because I’ve achieved my Duke of Edinburgh through your support.

What skills would you say this has developed in you over the last six months?

Communicating clearly is so important and a skill!

I would say learning to communicate well and organisational skills. The climbing award really highlighted for me how important it is to communicate clearly and also how much of a skill good communication is!

Working as a team has been so important and the sessions have demonstrated this in such practical and real ways. There have been many times where we as a group have had to work
through challenges and make choices that have had real consequences.

Give us some examples of how this developed you as a team?

When we went climbing we learnt how to belay each other up and down the rope. This built a real sense of trust between us. We had to step up and take real ownership of our actions.

It highlighted for us the benefit of working together and making a clear plan.

If we mucked about there would have been real consequences, people could have got hurt. But as it turns out we rose to the challenge. There were some real surprises on that day lots of people really stepped up and this really began to build the team.

Another example was when we went underground we had to navigate through a cave in the Brecon’s. I was navigating and we had to work together to find the right route. I think it was
these times that really highlighted for us the benefit of working together and making a clear plan.

Where would you say personally this has helped you grow?

This journey has transformed my belief in me. I now believe I can complete something. To complete something like the Duke of Edinburgh this has opened my eyes to what I am really capable of doing!

You have to do it. No one else is going to do it for you!

The expedition was a massive part of my self-belief changing. The long walk both days, putting up your tent, cooking your own food and navigating.

You have to do it, no one is going to do it for you, this kind of prepares you for life, no one's going to do it for you, you have to take responsibility for your actions.

Has this been good for the school?

Yes definitely! A lot of us struggle in a classroom! It gets too much sometimes…stressful! Learning outside has been so effective in a lot of us getting awards and gaining new opportunities.

Thanks, Cameron; so would you recommend this course?

Yes. It been a great experience and the LoadedUK team have been great! Thank you.

More about the project and our approach

The awards serve to increase changes in life and making the most of opportunities for young people through gaining qualification and awards.

These contribute to their access into further training or employment.

For us nothing is more important: the transformation of an individual’s belief about themselves and our capacity to choose differently, to choose life.

A core value of Loaded is in serving to develop character and we see the environment a person dwells in as a key factor in our healthy development.

Did you know?

Loaded UK is a LOTC Quality holder (certificate #R2QB104139).

This national award combines the essential elements of provision – learning and safety – into one easily recognisable and trusted accreditation scheme for all types of learning outside the classroom provider organisation.

Find out more about our accreditations here →

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