Who are we?

LoadedUK is a youth development company providing skills and accredited training pathways in leadership, team development and personal social development


Our Vision

  • Effective in producing young leaders capable to become community shapers and world changers, stepping up, into who they are made to be.

  • Increase opportunity for the healthy development socially, emotionally, spiritually  and practically through positive challenge.

  • Develop character through adventurous challenge.

  • To Supply world class educational leadership development, team and social opportunities for schools and other educational organisations

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Our Mission

  • To improve the life chances and positive well-being of children and young people.

  • To provide equal opportunity and access for young people considered at risk of exclusion, excluded, marginalised or not in education of employment to develop personally and professionally.

  • To add value to the national curriculum through educational programmes that offer experiential learning and enrichment activities.
  • To create a new generation of young leaders who are willing and able to lead positive change in their communities.