Managing Self

Raising levels of motivation and aspiration

The Learning coach programme aims to increase motivation and confidence in a pupil’s perception of their own ability to learn and make success of their education.

Motivation increases when we see that what we contribute to is, valued and makes a difference.

Each session aims to increase an individual’s appetite to learn.  Students end up with a learning profile mapping their intelligence, VAC style and preferred team role that will equip students to understand their behaviour and manage it successfully.

Session steps

Step 1

Understanding intelligence – Strengths and Weaknesses

Students engage in various problems solving activities

Step 2

Understanding team roles and personality types

Students engage in a team challenge applying negotiation skills and learning to listen to different opinions

Step 3


Students uncover and face their own motivations. Where do these come from and how do these influence our choices

Step 4


Finishing off learner profiles and reviewing what decisions of what are we going to Start doing and Stop doing from what we have learnt

Skill Development

  1.  Developing confidence to try new things
  2. Understanding personal strengths and weakness
  3. Gaining an understanding of learning needs and preferred learning styles 
  4. Developing SMART individualised learning plans
  5. Identifying motivation and attitudes 
  6. Managing behaviour and developing coping strategies
  7. Building trusting relationships and working within boundaries