British Canoeing Awards

Foundation Safety and Rescue Training

A prerequisite for entry on coaching awards this training will provide paddlers with the fundamental safety and rescue skills required to operate safely in sheltered water environments. These skills form the foundations for safety and rescue throughout British Canoeing qualifications.

The award has a dual purpose:

  1. To provide the paddler with the necessary skills which will enable them to ensure the safety of themselves and others

  2. To provide the paddler with the appropriate rescue skills which can be used to help themselves and/or others in difficulty

Paddle Sport Awards

  • 2 Star Paddle Sport Award

  • 1 Star Paddle Sport Award

3 Star training Sea Paddling

This training offers you one to one input from experienced Sea Paddlers.

The training covers all aspects of the 3 Star syllabus and aims to develop skill level and increase confidence and competence in both boat handling skills and journey planning. At the end of the session paddlers will have developed a clear action and development plan towards assessment.

We use multiply venues across the UK including South Wales and Cornwall.

3 Star Assessment Sea Paddling

We deliver these assessments on request so please just get in touch to book on an available course.


National indoor award

This climbing course aims to provide a door into the world of rock climbing.

The pathway aims to develop skills, provide understanding and knowledge of safety aspects and provide coaching, support and experience in increasing personal, physical and technical skills.

The course operates through a structured logging system that assesses progression and competence in these three areas:

  • Demonstration of fundamental skills and safety awareness

  • Completion of 5 supervised belays

  • Completion of 5 climbs on top rope

This logged experience in these three aspects provides a measured consolidation period in order to assess personal understanding of skills and competency over a period of least 5 sessions.

The aims of the course:

  • To build technical climbing abilities and movement on the rock

  • To develop skills in rope work

  • To develop awareness of safety features and equipment

  • To develop trust between individuals and team members and experience the importance of what it means

  • To provide a record of achievement and progress



Adventure Training

If you are interested in broadening your outdoor leadership experience and connect to a wider community of instructors please get in touch.

Continued Professional Development

  • Cave Leadership introduction to some of South Wales Caves

  • Gorge Walking

  • Mountain Leadership

  • Coasteering – Good practice when leading in dynamic environments

  • Climbing – Links to Tidal Endorsement

  • First Aid Revalidations


“Loaded gave me the opportunity to think about what I want from life and helped show me the steps I need to take.”

— Participant, age 16