learning through doing

We believe that through coaching and support and by equipping them with the right skills young people can better understand and manage the choices they make and the approaches that they take.


Team builds

The best place to understand what it means to work well in a team is to experience being part of a team. Below details various practical team exercises that effectively help to build team. Our team activities are structured and designed in such a way to enable strong relationships to be established, laying a foundation to be able to work through conflict within different contexts and understanding personality types. 

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    enrichment days

    Our enrichment days are proven to be effective in:

    • Providing a fun and enjoyable learning experience
    • Developing positive friendships (effective in deepening relationships within year group)
    • Providing an experience in how working well with others plays a vital role in our lives, relationships and wellbeing
    • Giving a rich leadership experience: Facing decisions and outcomes and working through them, encouraging the taking responsibility over their choices
    • Promoting opportunities for natural abilities, talents and skills to emerge and be utilised


    Adventure activities

    Rock Climbing On The Beach

    Our centre is based 40minutes drive away from the beautiful Gower Peninsular. The climbs are situated on coastal cliffs with stunning views and rugged beaches. Our instructors set up ropes on moderate climbs that provide a safe and fun environment. The beach is also a great place to play games and to explore the coastline.

    Caving in Brecon

    Under ground exploration is an amazing group bonding experience providing opportunity for the group to help one another and encourage one another. The advantage of this activity is that we can run this all year round.          

    Caving is very physical and extremely rewarding. You have the option of 8 different caves locations situated around South Wales, which provides us options to suit the needs and aims of your group.


    This activity involves swimming and scrambling over part of the coastline exploring sea caves and jumping off various spots into the sea. This activity has grown in popularity over the years and in now one of the most poplar adventurous activities in the UK. We would supply all specialist equipment such as; wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets. This activity is also very weather dependant.

    Inland & Sea Kayaking

    Kayaking is a very fun activity. Our sit-on Kayaks enable complete beginners to enjoying manoeuvring on a lake or dock and interact with their friends on the water. We play a number of fun team games and races in kayaks with the venue only 2 minutes away from our centre. We also run sea-kayaking experiences that enable groups to explore the Gower coastline, experiencing the Atlantic surf and venturing into caves and small coves.


    This activity will naturally test the communication skills and level of commitment from all members on the raft. Rafting is an extremely helpful challenge to celebrate team efforts and an incredibly powerful team exercise.. We design the rafting activity to suit all ages, abilities, and objectives. The raft challenge can be designed as a race, a construction exercise or simple a journey experience.

    Mountain Walk

    Being so close to the Brecon beacons it opens opportunity for groups to experience some the most beautiful landscapes in the UK. A Mountain Trek to summit of one of the peaks in the Brecon Beacons usually takes around 4-5 hours. This is a great group activity that is incredible rewarding. The result of getting to the top, taking in some amazing views stays with the group for a long time!