Qualifications for
life & work

14-19 year olds



Our BTEC courses specialise in developing skills for the future.

Success is seeing a young person step out and take hold of their potential. We firmly believe that what a young person chooses today matters; each day brings opportunity to grow. Learners actively take part in community projects, trips out investigating global issues such as fair trade and eco projects. We intentionally make space for learners to experience working in teams and at every stage we look at how all these skills connect to real life situations.

B-Tech Level Completion
Personal Social Development Level 2 Equivalent A-C GCSE grade 1 Year
Teamwork and personal skill in the community Level 1 1 Year
Employability Level 1-2 6 Sessions
Key Skills Level 1 6 Months
Outdoor Qualifications B-TEC Level 2-3 1 Year
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze / Silver / Gold Three months for expedition Six months full Award


Welsh Baccalaureate

Our personal development units link with current baccalaureate curriculum additionally these become become an accredited BTEC award in its own right.

You choose want best for your students to gain qualification and a better start in life and work.

Personal Development Skills for the work-place (Welsh Baccalaureate)
Healthy Living Community – Sustainability project
Personal Identity Entrepreneurial Skills
Managing Social Relationships Employability
Working towards goals Global Citizenship
Managing Money Practicing Leadership Skills with others


Duke of Edinburgh Award

Expedition training Bronze, Silver and Gold

Duke Of Edinburgh Training Programme
Week 1 Endurance training – Mountain walk Summit Pen Y Fan
Week 2 Navigation Training – Wide game – Capture the Flag
Week 3 Camp Craft: Tents and cooking outside
Week 4 Assessing risk and emergency procedure – Waterfall Jump
Week 5 Navigation – Route card
Week 6 Practice expedition St David’s

Loaded helped bring the curriculum to life through hands-on experience and practical guidance.
— Teacher